Dirty Floors Causing Bad Business?

Often time’s individuals are too caught up in the hustle and bustle of their daily life to recognize the accumulated filth beneath their feat. Businesses and residencies are being affected alike; the accumulation of filth goes unrecognized until someone of significance brings up the blemishes, leaving everyone else in embarrassment and shame. By this time impressions have been made and you’re too late. So be proactive and don’t be satisfied with mediocre floors, polish and wax them so they shine the way your business/home should. Make sure the floors reflect the professional that you are because they are the foundation of your environment and will reciprocate organized and sharp behavior demonstrated by those whom walk upon them. Five contributions will be made to your company by simply treating your floors professionally.

1. Maximize employee health

Healthy employees lead to fewer sick days, higher productivity and higher moral. One in ten employees is allergic to dust mites; also linked to dust mites are 90% of allergic asthma cases. In fact, the President of Strike Force Maintenance Corporation has to take sever precaution when being exposed to areas of high dust concentration.

“When I was 20 years old I worked for an advertisement agency just off of Madison avenue in New York City. Like many other businesses the lack of air flow caused a huge dust problem. I spent every day congested, which had a profound effect on my ability to focus and get work done. It’s actually what gave me the idea of Strike Force over 25 years ago.”

– Stephen D. Outcault, President at Strike Force Maintenance Corporation.

2. Employee productivity.

Success reciprocates between your environment and inner self. Just like a sloppy environment promotes sloppy work, an unblemished floor will promote unblemished work. Also showing empathy towards an employee increases their likelihood to stay late or put in the little extra effort needed to change a project from satisfactory to extraordinary. This empathy is shown by an employer when the floor beneath each individual’s workspace is treated professionally so that when show up to work they can represent their best possible selves.

3. Reflecting your brand name.

Your company’s name is reflected in a multitude of ways and as the employer you must make sure this reflection in immaculate no matter what angle it is taken from. Some primary concerns are the service/product you provide, the team representing the company name and the physical condition of your building. Everyday prospect and customers will create opinions regarding your business based on these three characteristics. As stated earlier, it is crucial that first impressions are not squandered by dirty floors but most often this is not recognized until someone of significance points out the issue.

4. Untreated floors prone to damage.

Depending on the industry you work in an untreated floor may contain debris, chemicals and corrosion that can lead to irreversible damage. It is very easy to apply waxes and finished to avoid the damage but it is nearly impossible to reverse the damage once it is already done without completely replacing the floor. If your company uses chemicals or heavy machinery be aware of the corrosion before it is too late and you are stuck with hefty bills.

5. Why choose a cleaning service?

Strike Force Maintenance provides state-of-the-art equipment and products specifically selected for each room we are hired to clean. You will meet the president himself along with a few other professionals as they assess each room and decide the most practical methods of cleaning. We recruit staff with several years’ experience in the janitorial business and train them hands on with each piece of equipment making them efficient as well as versatile. Strike Force Maintenance welcomes any specific requests, no matter the challenge. We want to show you the real benefits of having a clean floor.


If you’ve read this far, tell us about a time that a floor really stuck out to you because it was dirty. Strikeforce Maintenance provides clean environments that reciprocate professional work.  Call us today.

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