The Secrets To Consistency and Cleaning

No matter whom you talk to about their cleaning service, when it comes to cleaning and day to day service everyone says,” they are good one month and bad the next”. Whether in the commercial cleaning industry or any other service it comes down to hands on supervision. Walking into a new building the questions are asked, “What are the deficiencies of the present cleaning service”. Other than not setting up a proper cleaning schedule and protocol, a lack supervision and inspection schedule always comes up as the number 1 issue. The good news it doesn’t have to be. We understand everyone is human and mistakes are going to be made but there are certain actions a cleaning company can make to eliminate 98% of the day to day issues.

What is supervision and what does it require being a good supervisor? At Strike Force it’s listening to the customer and understanding their needs and charting a program and a schedule that cleaners have to adhere to. Its finding supervisors who look beyond daily needs and take the initiative to undertake issues that might take place or the customer might be impressed that you exposed.

It’s also developing a strong relationship with the crew and having a very clear form of communication and understanding of their customers’ desired outcome. It is also training the individual cleaners so they know how to specifically clean a given area. It also is important to reward and promote actions be taken by employee to point out ways to improve service or suggest taking a different approach to keeping your building cleaner.

For example, XYZ Company has clientele that visit their office on a weekly basis. What Strike Force we would set up is a nightly inspection for that area at a given time so the lobby is inspected. This would mean a visual inspection performed nightly followed up with a photo loaded on to the ‘Swept App” that is used at every account by those individuals at that account.

The supervisor, customer and workers would all see what is taking place so everyone is up to speed. We would also suggest and would offer putting in a nice floral arrangement that would catch the customers’ eye or anything a little thing extra that shows your thinking about them and the overall appearance of their building.

So I’m sure you are asking what is “Swept”? Swept is the most innovative cleaning app on the market. Even though Strike Force has its own app, it has also uses Swept and is available to all cleaning contractors. Another issue on consistency and the crews running through their work is setting up a sign on and sign out for all employees on that particular job.

This also includes setting up a geographic grid around the building so employees only can sign on and say they are at the job when they are within the grid. We do believe in and use punch clocks in cases when customers want physical verification. Many punch clocks made now set right on a desk and don’t have to fix to a wall.

A very important aspect of the cleaning which is mandatory is monthly visual inspections with the customer. This would be set for particular times of the month where the customer can meet with the supervisor and review all the requirements issues and suggestions.

If the customer can’t meet an inspection would be performed by the supervisor and the report would be forwarded to the customer explaining how important the inspection is and that their feedback is essential. Remember documentation and supervision is extremely important. If there is a complaint it is important that you recognize that complaints don’t reoccur. No customer should ever see reoccurring issues this is a sign of deficient supervision.

At Strike Force it our goal to make your life easier so you can focus on other responsibilities this can only be done with supervision being the key. Great supers are essential some are made and some are born but it is always important that those supervisors are held accountable for problems and are rewarded when things are good.

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