Eliminate Buying Cleaning Chemicals and Simplify Your Life

Take a moment and visit your janitorial closet and look at the amount of chemicals and bottles on the shelf. Not only do you most likely not know what they are or what they do, it looks horrible and it takes up space and costs you a fortune. The janitorial supply industry just like most industries is diversified and wants you to purchase many products and spends a fortune making you believe you need them. In the cleaning industry, it really comes down to three products that you need on a daily basis.

The only three basic cleaners you need.

  1. Window cleaner- the most common and basic chemical that can clean most surfaces. Because it has ammonia it disinfects and leaves most surfaces streak less. Another point, it is very inexpensive.
  2. Floor Cleaner-you should have a neutral PH disinfectant, in our case it is called AF315 by Betco. This product is added the mop water when cleaning all floor surfaces leaving the floors smelling good, and eliminating germs and odors.
  3. Bowl Cleaner-Your basic bowl and sink cleaner that is a heavy duty cleaner that eliminates serious germs in the bathroom.

What’s interesting? Most companies large and small have no idea and don’t ask the simple question, “what chemicals do I really need”? Most companies buy chemicals and spend money on chemicals that do the same thing. At Strike Force we eliminate many issues when only having three chemicals. The other issue when having many chemicals is the training.

You need to train every employee on how to use each chemical. When you have 12 chemicals that’s a lot of training and when you have subs or new workers that mean a lot of down time to training and exposure to injury not to mention the worker not knowing how to use a chemical and harming a surface. It’s important as a facility manager you insist on the cleaning company provide the chemicals and review the MSDS sheets along with their training protocol.

At Strike Force it is our goal when starting a new location we evaluate the cleaning requirements and set up a chemical protocol that meets the needs of each area of the building and review this with the customer. Do not let the cleaning company bill you separately for the chemicals this is a huge money grab and should be eliminated with the supplies and chemicals being included. Remember when the cleaning company provides the chemicals they know the chemical, they restock and buy the chemical and have to worry about cost increases and ordering. This all means less headaches for you.

On the topic of clutter, at Strike Force we eliminate chemical clutter by installing a chemical dispensing system. Betco’s “Fastdraw” is a managed dispenser unit that controls output and eliminates questions on where the product is or what it is. The chemicals are concentrates and take up less space. Many closets where supplies are kept are small, these units virtually fit anywhere. “Fastdraw” is extremely easy to install and is one of the benefits of using Strike Force, the system is included and installed by our technicians. The metering tips are already in the bottle, you get the right dilution and the clean tips with every bottle.

Some convenient features include, docking caps for proper bottle positioning. Entire unit installs in minutes. No metering tips to change. No special priming is required. As far as reliability there is no chemical exposure, no drips or spills, literature is provided with each product. Strike Force provides customized wall charts to aid in the usage. Consistency is extremely important, with the Fastdraw the metering tips provide precision. We provide a wide variety of products to match the exact job. Number and color codes are provided to simplify use.

So when it is time to set up your RFP, remember choose and cleaning company like Strike Force that will provide the chemicals in the contract and provide with a “Chemical Management System” to save you space time and to increase effectiveness and control.

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