Cleaning Industries “Best Kept Secret”

Who wouldn’t want fewer headaches? I don’t know many people who would say “No.”
In the cleaning business it’s all about the extras. What does this mean? Well, most cleaning companies will provide a cleaning proposal with little or no service included or what we would call a “meat and potatoes proposal” and then hit you hard on everything else, i.e. dusting, microwave cleaning, carpet care, window cleaning and the list goes on.

Why do most companies and facility managers shy away from the subject of an “all-inclusive program”, and why do managers shy away from saving money and having all services and supplies included? One word, “Control”, most managers are comfortable with using many vendors who they developed relationships with for years and don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket.

Others are concerned the service isn’t going to be as good when going with an all-inclusive. All these excuses are just that, excuses. Keep in mind, every time you use a separate vendor there is a very good chance it will take more time emailing approving and controlling the issues of communicating with another person. When you have “One” vendor its one stop shopping where all the communication is usually with one person and billing is with one person. Once the contract is set up schedules are put in place so in many instances the services are automatically scheduled for certain times of the year and billed out in one fee each month.

So, never, ever separate your services when you can use a company that handles all services such as Strike Force. Also another little secret, always ask for free services. For example, Strike Force Maintenance includes all windows and carpets the first year. How can we do that? In the case of Strike Force, we have the crews on staff that are cleaning windows and carpets all week long and are paid regardless whether we clean your windows or not. To put another name on the schedule doesn’t cost us much more because they are getting paid regardless whether to clean your facility or someone else’s. Believe it or not, many companies are too lazy ad are not smart enough to have a bidding process that includes all services.

I promise you, at Strike Force, ALL services will be discounted. It’s all about competition and reducing margins as a group, almost like a group discount when many people go on a trip or do some activity. As a individual, 9 times out of ten times you’re always going to be charged more as an individual than as a group. Here’s a good example, XYZ Company specializes in just carpets where Strike Force makes its bread and butter nightly cleaning facilities and doesn’t need to make a killing on carpet cleaning. In essence XYZ carpet cleaning only has one source of income, period where Strike Force can spread out its margins across a broad band of services.

How about we take this one step further, “Janitorial Supplies. Yes those items you don’t really care about and are probably paying way too much for. Do you know where this is going? That’s right, if you guessed include the supplies in the proposal you’re getting the idea and you are on your way to saving BIG money. Again, back to the example, Joe Blow Janitorial Supply only makes his money on supplies, that’s it, so why would you buy those supplies from him when the mark up is absolutely going to be higher and you’re making another call to another vendor and emailing another person. Not to mention the cleaning company uses the chemicals and supplies so they know if they are actually any good.

Simply put when the Strike Force includes the supplies and chemicals “WE” inventory, evaluate and restock product. Strike Force worries about theft and cost not you. Interesting, believe it or not most companies will not put the supplies in the contract because of the issues on control and relationships just like the example given before about putting in additional services.

So are you ready to save BIG MONEY? Then rewrite your RFP to include all services and supplies and search out companies like Strike Force who can handle ALL your needs so you save time and money.

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